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Why So many Parents Trust SmarterKids


Great centre with a very friendly and fun atmosphere. The carers are all so lovely and I was pleasantly surprised all the staff seemed to know my daughter by name from the beginning, regardless of which room they were from. The facilities and education programs are excellent and it is extremely convenient with the drop off and pick up parking onsite. My daughter absolutely loves it and arrives with open arms for her carers. I highly recommend Smarter Kids.

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by Gill Grieves
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by Jane Doe
Great support

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by John Doe


Smarter Kids provide:

Long Childcare hours
Extracurricular Activities
Degree Qualified Teachers
Caring, Fun and Nurturing environment

We help your child with:

Develop a strong sense of identity and well being
Ensure a sense of connection and contribution to their world
Become confident and involved learners
Become effective communicators

Do you want to know

More Reasons to Enroll With Us Now

“Smarter Kids seek to ignite a passion for learning, inspiring children to be curious, self-motivated, and enthusiastic participants in their education and within a global community. Our curriculum educates the whole child with unique opportunities to link learning to life, where we provide all the foundations for life-long moral, intellectual, emotional, psychological and physical growth. We pride ourselves on provision on excellence in care and education for children from 6 weeks of age to 6 years. Our school readiness curriculum will give your child all the skills they need to feel confident and competent once reaching school and instil a love of learning for life. Our staff consist of fully qualified and registered school teachers who deliver government accredited Pre Prep and Kindergarten programs in alignment with providing all the foundations for the Australian National School Curriculum. This enhances your child’s transition to their schooling years and helps create successful outcomes in all realms of learning. We look forward to getting to know you and your child whilst supporting and guiding your child’s development and learning during their early years.”

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